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Efficient and Effective Microsoft Server Implementations, Maintenance, and Consulting.

Computer Know How is a professional services firm that focuses on implementing and integrating Microsoft Server solutions for businesses. CKH can help businesses like yours experience successful implementations that utilize resources effectively and efficiently. Our first priority is and always will be, to present our clients with the best technological solutions available in a way that they can understand and feel comfortable exploring.

At CKH, we believe that a server implementation is much more than just inserting an installation disk and tweaking a few drop-down fields. We offer a full suite of management and technology consulting solutions that focus on your unique needs.

CKH will take the time to get to know your business and choose the right suite of technology to meet your current and future needs. CKH will also provide future support and server maintenance plans so you are not just left with a piece of technology with no one to support it.


Do you need help with your IT stuff? Wondering what the best solution is for you? Contact our team of network analysts and technicians today to have them find a solution to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on treating your network as if it were our very own. We can find you solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

Support Contracts

Looking for top notch support? Want your IT needs met by industry experts? Call us today to get a quote on support contracts. We do support differently at Computer Know How. You buy your support in blocks of hours that never expire and you can use as you go!! No crazy monthly fees. Our technicians are friendly, helpful, and they will treat your problem like they were their own.

Server Maintenance

It is not advised to let a server go unmaintained for any length of time as this will lead to performance problems and eventually problems that will cause downtime.  We offer a server management package that will keep your server operating at its best.  We would install a software agent on your server that assists us in performing routine maintenance/monitoring.  It also gives us remote access.  Then, on a monthly basis we perform maintenance to keep your server operating optimal. 
                Including but not limited to:

  1. Check antivirus software for proper operation.
  2. Defragment drives.
  3. Check scheduled tasks for proper operation.
  4. Network inventory.
  5. Check antispyware software for proper operation.
  6. Check the UPS for proper operation.
  7. Check the backup software for proper operation (includes restore test).
  8. Make sure all applicable Windows updates are installed.

Included in the monthly server maintenance is 24x7 monitoring of the server.  This does NOT include 24x7 alerting or problem resolution.  A monthly executive report is emailed showing key performance and system data for the previous month.  We are monitoring hundreds of items on the server.  When any one item starts showing a problem we are alerted and can remedy the problem before it escalates into downtime.

The server logs information on all sorts of events.  A lot of these events are usually early warning signs of a problem to come.  When this is properly monitored problems can be averted that would otherwise result in downtime.  It is not uncommon for a server to crash due to simply running out of disk space.  A problem occurs that starts generating large log files on the hard drive thus eating up space. This goes unnoticed until the drive is full and then Windows crashes.  Disk cleanup and problem resolution are much harder at this point since the server is potentially unbootable.  Our monitoring would catch this sort of thing long before it becomes a problem.  This is just one example.

This day and age we have very sophisticated hackers out there that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows.  The majority of the windows updates that are released each month go to patch problems that when left unpatched can be exploited.  This can lead to intruders accessing your network and stealing data.  It is of utmost importance to make sure that all the systems on the network are up to date on their patches.  Unfortunately some of the patches can cause problems in rare cases.  It is not always wise to just install every patch that comes out each month.  Part of our maintenance is to review the patches and make sure that you are only installing the ones that you need.  We also partner with a third party company that does patch testing so we occasionally will block the install of a patch because it is known to cause problems.  Anti-Virus/Anti Spyware is the other part of the security equation.  A single pc on the network that isn’t updating properly leaves the entire network vulnerable.  The status of the AV software needs to be monitored to ensure everyone is up to date.  Our maintenance does this for the server.  If you were to opt for desktop maintenance we would then be monitoring the workstations.  This is the only way to guarantee you are protected.

Computer Know How will install a software agent on the server that allows us to do the 24x7 monitoring and allows us secure remote access.  The work performed will be done using this remote access tool.  This is a highly secure remote access solution which requires the technician to enter several levels of authentication before accessing the server.

We charge 2 hours of labor per month for the ongoing management/maintenance program for a single server.  Additional servers are 1 hour/server/month.  Any troubleshooting/problem solving is charged extra.  It is not required to do the maintenance plan on a monthly basis.  You can also choose to do bi-monthly or quarterly.  It is not suggested to do this any less frequently than quarterly.   So if you chose to do this bi-monthly the charge would be 2 hours every other month (for 1 server).

Workstation Maintenance

This is the part that completes the puzzle and can help insure your network is operating at its best.

Monthly workstation maintenance and monitoring.  On a monthly basis we would perform routine maintenance on the workstations.  Our software agent must be installed on the workstation in order to perform the maintenance and monitoring.  This package includes licensing for Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software packages.  You would be able to get rid of your existing Anti-Virus/Anti Spyware protection completely.  Services provided are as follows.

  1. Inventory asset data collection
  2. Spyware deletion.
  3. Temp file deletion.
  4. Anti-virus signature update.
  5. Windows patch assessment.
  6. Third-party patch management (Java, Adobe reader, Flash, etc.)
  7. SMART check (checks hard drive for impending failure, on systems supporting this feature).

The charge for this package is based on the number of workstations.  Contact us for a quote today.

Computer Repair

Computer Know How offers full service computer and server repair. We diagnose and correct software problems, hardware failure, or any number of computer related malfunctions. We can service your computer or server either on site or in our shop. We also offer a complete computer cleaning service. We use specialized equipment and supplies that are specifically designed for cleaning computers.