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Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript Part 1: Introduction & Overview

Category async/await, asynchronous programming, callbacks, JavaScript, promises, Tutorials

Thanks to recent language updates, there are a variety of ways to hand asynchronous programming with the JavaScript language.

This is an introduction to the available JavaScript asynchronous programming method options: Callbacks, Promises, and Async/await.

Kubetail - Watch multiple pod logs the easy way

Category DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Tips, Tutorials

At CKH we have been using Kubernetes for orchestrating our Docker containers.   One of the challenges when using Kubernetes, however, is when you have a Deployment that is set to scale your app to multiple Pods, watching logs for all of those pods.  Let's talk about kubetail and how it can help us with this issue.

Legacy app, meet ColdBox

Category ColdBox, ColdFusion, Refactoring, Tutorials

The term "legacy application" strikes fear in the heart of many a developer, invoking images of spaghetti code, undocumented secret sauce, and evidence of multiple attempts to start some semblance of a paradigm that might have been in the vague direction of a coding standard or convention. Fortunately, there now exists a direct path to bring your legacy out of the cold and into the warm embrace of a modern framework.

ColdBox has seen the need for a migration path for these applications and implemented a feature called Implicit View Dispatch. This means that without having an event handler defined, you can create views, and the events and actions are implicitly created based on folder structure of /views. For example, I can create a view file in the location of views/about/contactUs.cfm, and the corresponding event is implicitly created, permitting the URL to display that view. No handlers, no layouts, no routes. Just views. Pretty slick.