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Application Persistent Database Connections

Category asynchronous programming, Couchbase, JavaScript, Tips

Applications under stress stress out their databases.

This post explores solutions to aid applications to persistently connect to their database when under unusual stress.

Couchbase is demonstrated specifically.

Making MySQL Query Results More Concise with GROUP_CONCAT

Category Learning, MySQL, Tips

Group concatenation condenses items from specified columns into a list of values.
This is a bit easier to explain with visuals. Let’s begin.

Kubetail - Watch multiple pod logs the easy way

Category DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Tips, Tutorials

At CKH we have been using Kubernetes for orchestrating our Docker containers.   One of the challenges when using Kubernetes, however, is when you have a Deployment that is set to scale your app to multiple Pods, watching logs for all of those pods.  Let's talk about kubetail and how it can help us with this issue.

Handling BOMs with JSMin

Category ColdBox, ColdFusion, JSMin, Tips

A fantastic tool for increasing web app efficiency is Luis Majano's JSMin compressor.  It takes your local CSS or JavaScript files, compresses them, and stores them as an aggregated file in your app's cache.  I did run into a bit of trouble with it recently when I ran it on an app's new stack and encountered a bit of a BOM problem.  Here's why the BOM can be a problem and a simple way to fix it.

MXUnit Decorators in cfscript

Category ColdBox, MXUnit, Tips

This is just a quick post showing how to use any of the MXUnit decorators, including the new ORM transaction decorator designed for ColdBox ORM Services, in pure cfscript.  It took me a second to get the syntax correct so I thought I would share and keep this for my own reference.