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New ContentBox CKTemplates Module

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Another of my examples from my Theming ContentBox Websites talk during ContentBox Developer Week (CBDW.2) last week was a new ContentBox module I created called CKTemplates. Check out the new module which I have out on ForgeBox and GitHub.

After installation it creates a new icon in your CKEditor toolbar for your templates.

When you click on the templates icon you get a "Content Templates" dialog box where you can choose from the available templates. CKTemplates comes with 8 templates included that are all based on Twitter Bootstraps scaffolding.

After selection of, in this case, the "Hero Unit w/ Three Columns" the WYSIWYG CKEditor displays the page with your Twitter Bootstrap scaffolding applied.

New ContentBox Bootswatch Layout

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As an example for my Theming ContentBox Websites talk for ContentBox Developer Week (CBDW.2) this week I put together a new ContentBox layout built on Twitter Bootstrap (of course).  The fun part of the layout development was then adding in Bootswatch enabled theming via the layout settings capabilities now available from within ContentBox layouts.  Another interesting portion of the layout was my integration with the new (as of 1.5.2 of ContentBox) minification and LESS compiling capabilities of my CSS assets.  Check out the new layout which I have out on ForgeBox and GitHub.

CBDW.2 - Theming ContentBox Websites

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I am excited to be taking part in my first ColdBox Developer Week (CBDW.2) as a speaker.  I have been prepping my Theming ContentBox Website presentation and have some exciting things to share (a new, never been seen before, ContentBox theme and module).  I have the third session on Monday, June 17th.  The session description is as follows...

"A detailed walkthrough of the process of theming your ContentBox websites. In-depth look at integrating and styling site navigation, plugging your site theme into the admin CKEditor for better WYSIWYG page editing."

You can register for free and there are even prizes per day and for the week (be sure to attend to win)!  Hope to see you all there.

CBDW 2.0

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Next week will be the 2nd ColdBox developer week.  Computer Know How owners Curt Gratz and Seth Engen will both be presenting.  

Curt will be presenting

1) Using Modules to Build Your Apps on June 19th

2) Harnessing the Power of ORM Services on June 21st

Seth will be presenting

1) Theming ContentBox Websites on June 17th

Be sure to register and attend the 20 hours of free content provided by some of the brightest minds around.  

Oh, did I mention prizes.  There are daily and weekly prizes, so be sure to attend to win.  Check them out at

Hope to see you there.

PartyBox Hackathon at CFObjective 2013

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Ortus Solutions and Computer Know How are co-sponsoring our first ever *BOX Party Hackathon at this year's CFObjective 2013.  We will be hacking and parting it up at the FireLake Grill in the conference hotel.  We will be holding a mini-Hackathon with some great prizes given out at the end including some throw back 80's prizes and some cool Nerf prizes.  Even if you aren't into ColdBox yet, drop by and hang out.  

WHEN: Friday May 17th, 2013 at 6:00 PM

WHERE: FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar inside the Radisson Blu Hotel.  Head to the back, you'll find us!!

New ContentBox Widget - File Listing

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We have created a new widget for you to use to list files under the ContentBox media root called "File Listing".

Imagine if you needed to list all the pdf's in a folder, this would be the widget for you.

Forgebox Link:

GitHub Link:


Updated ContentBox FormBuilder!

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The ContentBox FormBuilder module has now been updated a great deal from its original 0.1 initial release to version 1.0.  The new version fixes a significant number of bugs as well as adds reCAPTCHA and style/container hooks to the settings screen.

So what is FormBuilder? FormBuilder is a ContentBox Module that will enable form building capabilities in your applications.  You can select from text, textarea, dropdown, checkbox, radio, etc.